ISSMGE Soil-Structure Interaction and Retaining Walls
formerly TC38 "Soil-Structure Interaction" (2005-2010)

Paris, 2-6 September 2013

Workshop of TC207 during the 18th International Conference on Soil-Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

Download Proceedings of the Workshop (PDF 59 MB, password required).

The topics of the TC207 workshop are:

- Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses of High-rise Buildings and Underground Structures
- Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses of Complex Structures
- Analyses and Monitoring of Retaining Structures
- Use of Soil-Structure Interaction in preservation of historic Monuments

The list of accepted papers:

  Author Title of the contribution Country
1 V.M Ulitsky et al
(Group of Authors)
The First Version of the Guidelines on Soil-Structure Interaction TC207
2 Omar Al-Farouk S. Al-Damluji, Husain M. Husain, Rafa'a M. Abbas A Nonlinear Dynamic Interaction Algorithm of Elasto-Viscoplastic Concrete Structures with Coupled Saturated Soils Iraq, UAE
3 Pavan Kumar,
Madhav Madhira
Inclined Reinforcement-Backfill Interactions to Transverse Pull India
4 Kudryavtsev S.A., Berestyanyy Y.B.,
Valtseva T.U., Mihailin R.G, Tsvigunov D.G.
Designs of the Railway Roadbed of Thawing Permafrost Soils in Condition of the Russian Far East Russia
5 B. Pallavi Ravishankar, Neelima Satyam D. Finite Element Modelling to Study Soil Structure Interaction of Asymmetrical Tall Building India
6 Y. El-Mossallamy,
A. Wahbi, M. Farouk,
W. Ibrahim
Deep Pit Excavation in Special Geotechnical Conditions Egypt, Germany
7 K.G. Shashkin, et al Solving the Problems of Limit Equilibrium by Finite Elelment Method Russia
8 V.A Vasenin Evaluating Current Movements of the Earth Surface for the Purposes of Proving Referential Integrity of the Principal Markers in the Levelling Network of St. Petersburg and Definition of Long-Term Settlements of Buildings and Structures Russia
9 Roger Frank Eurocode 7 on 'Geotechnical design': a code for soil-struture interaction France
10 Omer Bilgin Analysis of Lateral Earth Pressures on Anchored Sheet Pile Walls using Conventional and Finite Element Methods USA
11 Chris Haberfield Analysis of Tall Tower Footing Systems Australia
12 Kari Avellan Limit State Design For Strengthening the Foundations of St. John’s Church of Tartu, Estonia Using Pretested Drilled Spiral Piles Finland
13 Victor Ong Understanding Long-Term Effect of Tunnel-Soil Interaction Singapore
14 A.Z. Khasanov, Z.A. Khasanov, F. F. Zekhniev Strengthening of the Beds and Foundations of the Tilla-Kori Mosque of the Registan Ensemble in Samarkand Uzbekistan
15 N.K. Samadhiya & Kumar Venkatesh, A.D. Pandey Behaviour of Barrage Foundation Due to Presence of Rock Including Soil-Structure Interaction India
16 I.V. Anirudhan, S.V. Ramaswamy Revisiting a Full Raft Foundation Constructed on Soft Clay India
17 Werner Bilfinger, Thaís L. Dada & Pedro C. R. Silva Vertical Pile Stiffness: Pile Load Test Data Base Analyses Brazil
18 Xinye HAN & Takashi Kiyota, Fumio Tatsuoka Pullout Characteristics of Geocells Embedded in Gravelly Soil Backfil Japan
19 Ilizar T. Mirsayapov & Irina V. Koroleva Саlculation models of bearing capacity and deformation of reinforced soil bases Russia
20 Hemanta Hazarika, Tadashi Hara, and Hideo Furuichi Soil-Structure Interaction during Earthquake and Tsunami – Two Case Studies from the Latest Disaster in Japan Japan
21 Prathyusha, J., Uday, V.K. and Singh, D.N. Determination of Cracking characteristics of Soils for Various Geotechnical Engineering Problems India
22 G. Madhavi Latha Shaking Table Studies on Reinforced Modular Block and Rigid Faced walls India
23 I. Sokolić Numerical modelling of anchored retaining structures in medium stiff to stiff soils Croatia
24 Paramonov V.N., Kravchenko P.A. Bearing capacity of piles in a “soil-pile-structure” system Russia
25 Sakharov I.I.,
Paramonov V.N.
Reciprocal influence of inclined subway tunnels constructed by means of artificial freezing and above-ground structures Russia
26 R. Katzenbach,
S. Leppla
Soil-structure-interaction of large storage constructions Germany
27 Fang Liu, Mingjing Jiang, Wei Zhou,
Hiroaki Nakayama
Differential earth pressure against combined sheet pile walls: Full-scale tests and numerical simulations China,
28 R. Dashko,
A. Shidlovskaya
Concept of cities Multicomponent Underground Space as a Factor of Enhancing Safety of its Exploration and Use Russia
29 V. Balakumar,
I.V. Anirudhan
A Study on the Interactive Behavior of Piled Raft on Sand India

Papers submitted but not reviewed yet:

  R. Dashko,
A. Shidlovskaya
Correctness of Primary Filtration and Consolidation theory in Practice of Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Russia