ISSMGE Soil-Structure Interaction and Retaining Walls
formerly TC38 "Soil-Structure Interaction" (2005-2010)

Terms of Reference

  1. To promote co-operation and expertise exchange within the area of soil-structure interaction and retaining walls amongst the leading research and design institutes and universities world-wide as well as amongst the largest contractors with the objective to enhance overall engineering and research expertise within this area.
  2. To identify examples of well-documented case histories involving soil-structure interaction.
  3. To analyze the case histories using various soil-structure interaction models and to compare the results with the real observations.
  4. To serve as an organizational support in promoting and advancement of new calculation methods in soil-structure interaction, as well as in development of related interactive monitoring and application of the observational method with possibility of adjusting design decisions during the construction process.
  5. To organize workshops and conferences on soil-structure interaction, and further inclusion of related sections into international (regional) scientific geotechnical conferences. To report on the results of its activities at these conferences.
  6. To prepare Guidelines giving recommendations for practitioners’ approach to soil-structure interaction and retaining walls problems.

Task Forces

Task Force 1 - Guidelines on Soil-Structure Interaction

Task Force 2 - Retaining Walls

Task Force 3 - Website of TC207