ISSMGE Soil-Structure Interaction and Retaining Walls
formerly TC38 "Soil-Structure Interaction" (2005-2010)

Edinburgh, 13 September 2015

Joint Workshop of TC207 “Soil-Structure Interaction and Retaining Walls” and TC305 “Megacities“

General Topics:

- Soil-Structure interaction
- Retaining Structures
- Geotechnical Challenges of Megacities and New Capitals

13.00 Opening of the Workshop

Short Administrative Report TC207
Michael Lisyuk, Chairman of TC207 ISSMGE

Short Administrative Report TC305
Askar Zhussupbekov, Chairman of TC305 ISSMGE

Scientific Presentations

V. Ulitsky, A. Shashkin, M. Lisyuk (Russia, TC207). Soil-Structure Interaction approach for preservation of historical buildings

A. Zhussupbekov (Kazakhstan, TC305). Geotechnical issues of megaprojects on problematical soil ground of Kazakhstan

R. Katzenbach, S. Leppla (Germany, TC207). Tunnelling in the vicinity of sensitive structures

N. Guerra; C. Josefino (Portugal, TC207). Overall stability of anchored retaining structures: revisiting Brom's method

J. M. Fernández Vincent, L. Raygada, F. Lopez, S. Diaz (Argentina, TC207). Deep excavations in aluvial gravels in Santiago and Lima

Alexandra Ene (Romania, TC207). Complete approach of deep excavations


R. Mangushev, A. Osokin (Russia, TC305). Experience in construction of the underground part of the complex of buildings on a soft ground in the center of St. Petersburg

Talal Awwad, Salma Al Koudsi (Syria, TC207). Numerical Analysis for Negative Skin Friction on Single Pile in Soft Clay Layer

Shi Zheng, Fang Liu, Qi Kang, Mingjing Jiang, Yutai Liu (China, TC207). Centrifuge modeling of a steel sheet pile wall embeded in soft soils

James Sze, Alvin Lam (Hong Kong, TC207). Piled raft design for a supertall tower situated in complex ground condition

Kari Avellan (Finland, TC207). Unbraced pipe trench, stiff fissured clay layer on soft clay

C. Jacquard, L. Pécou, L. Falque (France, TC207). Behavior of rigid inclusions in a peat soil

Discussion of further development and cooperation of TC207 and TC305

Closing of the Workshop